Friday, January 9, 2015

2015-January Craft Journal

January 1- finished Kerrington's socks

January 2- finished spinning brown/grey wool

January 3- sorted & cut quilting scraps

January 4- Started Stella's leg warmers
January 5- Stella's leg warmers (in the car & I didn't get sick!)
January 6- Finished the first leg warmer & started the second

January 7- Stella's 2nd leg warmer
January 8- sorted photos & worked on the leg warmer
January 9- leg warmer again...plan to look for a pattern on Ravelry for the Claudia Hand Painted silk lace yarn I bought from Yarn Mountain before Christmas. (I have 2200 yards if you have any suggestions.)

My plan is to fit a little crafting into my schedule every day. 

Have you run into any "knots" this year?

Stay Tangle Free!

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