Sunday, November 16, 2014

November's Loose Ends

I had planned to take some photos while at our meeting on Saturday, but...
A) I was running late. 
B) My Ashford Traveller was not behaving properly. 
C) I was too excited about spending time with my girls. 
D) I found out that one of the ladies does ancestor regressions & hypnosis. 

It was quite an interesting day. I did manage to finish spinning the mix of brown & raspberry coopworth. Sash has a jumbo flyer & bobbin and she plied the 2 strands for me. 

I think I've got about 130 yards. Not bad.

The "oldest" has indicated that she isn't interested, so I may try to sell it...if I can part with it. But, Christmas is coming and we'll see what happens. 

I'm off to finish a UFO. (I need the needles to start another Christmas gift.)

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