Thursday, June 4, 2015

Today's Accomplishments

1. The bobbin is wound & ready for me to finish quilting the Mountaineer Baby Quilt.

2.  Portfolio stuff is sorted & ready for review on Monday. 

3.  School cabinet is cleaned for fall curricula. 

4.  Checkbook is balanced (and deposit made to cover over-spending).

5.  Weaving project sheet(s) are written. 

6.  Rug is off the loom. 

7.  Ends are tied and trimmed. 

8.  Pink wool blanket section is cut into 1" strips. (The rest will have to wait until I can work outside. It's very dusty.)

9.  Warp for new rugs tied on and ready to go. 

10.  Orange rags stripped to 1" and the new rug is started.

I'm ready for bed!  What did you accomplish today?



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