Monday, October 1, 2012

Things are finally settling down

Soccer season is almost at an end and I almost have my first pair of socks finished. I have worked on them all season while sitting at the various soccer practices & games where we had to be there an hour before the start. Hopefully I will have a finished pair to show before the week is over.

Homecoming is over. My baby girl had her first real date. Isn't she beautiful?!
Our oldest boy has gone the last three years but is smart enough to keep away from the drama. He has more fun just hanging out with his friends.

I started a new job, it complicates the car shuffling, but I'm enjoying it.

Perhaps I will be able to do a little more blogging now that I'm getting the hang of this new phone.

Hope to be back again real soon.


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  1. Wow. My boys avoid the drama of dating like the plague. They like the girls, but can't stand all of the who-ha.